Shipping and return policies for the broadway to boundary

Shipping Info
All orders ship within 2 business days of an order being received and paid.

All shipments are sent regular Airmail. Surface mail is available but is slow and not available to the USA anymore, so it's no longer a viable option for most anyone.

Canada expect 7 business days.
USA expect 5-8 business days.
Outside North America, in our ample experience, is best to expect the usual 4-6 weeks.

Patience is a virtue; use it or lose it.
Return Policy
Read carefully.

1. All purchases are packed well in new mailers. Any issue with the product itself, and not due from shipping and handling (see below), requires some photo evidence and a brief yet courteous email of the problem to so that we may see it, send you another copy, and help others like yourself from being similarly bummered out.

2. The label will not be held responsible in any way, shape, nor form, for damage caused to product while in transit. All damages due to shipping are the fault of the friendly postal carriers between A and B whose hands, trucks, and planes dutifully move product for profit. Shipping and logistics are big business; conversely, publishing records for broke artists is not.

3. You may opt to insure your purchase or pay for tracking (if you live outside North America). This can be done by dropping an email to and we'll do our best to accomodate you. Expect a reply within 24 hours please. If the cost is negligible, we may opt to insure you anyway at no cost to you, but ONLY at our own discretion.

4. Sorry, but currently all orders to countries rife with postal corruption will be refunded swiftly and assuredly.